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Use Signal. Use Tor.

Posted by Manish Goregaokar on March 12, 2017 in cryptography, poetry, programming

I went to send a missive today
As I have done so oft before
But I forgot to employ that scrap of advice
“Use Signal. Use Tor.”

Intercepted of course the missive was
By a ferocious beast of lore
Because I failed to use that bit of advice
“Use Signal. Use Tor.”

The beast was strong; and formidable
He hated the amendments four
I should have remembered that piece of advice
“Use Signal. Use Tor.”

I tried to reason with the beast
but he only wanted war
Do not neglect that important advice
“Use Signal. Use Tor.”

Here I lie in the belly of the beast
I shall discount this advice no more
If I ever manage to leave this place
I’ll use Signal, and Tor.

Heed this advice, children.
It’s not something to ignore
Always, always, always, always
Use Signal. Use Tor.